Silver Dragon 2017

FeaturedSilver Dragon 2017

The Aussies Koby Abberton and Dingo Morrison here on a 3-minute ride.


Had the time of my life at the Silver Dragon.

It was my rookie year but I got the hot seat as river comms. Basically that means relaying instructions from event supervisors Glenn & Bao, Mr. Xu the rivermaster of Hangzhou and contest director PT.  In reality it meant I was the young rookie punk shouting at all the Chinese boats to stay back and shouting at the surfers pushing the envelope. Not the most fun job trying to tell people who know better than you what to do! But worth seeing the wave…  Huge thank you to everyone in the Silver Dragon crew for let me draw on their experience every step of the way.


The wave itself is out of my writing capacity to describe. Matt Wybenga, Mike Ortiz and the rest of the video crew (Greg Bible, Eric Peniata, Keith Kipp) as well as Andy will be producing video shortly.  I’ll share the links when available.


Last but not least…thanks so much Glenn, Bao and PT for the invite to chase the Dragon.  Needless to say incredibly stoked for the opportunity to witness this incredible wave and join the Silver Dragon crew.

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Hong Kong bred. Local break Big Wave Bay. Raised on closeouts…

Kook temporarily out of action from knee surgery but otherwise can be caught pearling at local breaks/stuck inside/ blasting old school tunes in a red 82 corolla rustbucket (the sun god Ra chariot).

Is the pen really mightier than the board? :S


Scored with my bro Logan in Hualien County Taiwan.

Typhoon due for direct hit on East Coast TW veered north to Japan.

Result: sunshine and double overhead sets. Like a perfect Hualien winter day minus chilly water.

S c o r e d !

My bro Logan runs a surf hostel. They drive a surf van equipped with roof rack that will fit all your boards including longboards. Daily missions along the entire Hualien coast and most of Taitung too on request.  Facebook page here. Tell him the code ROTKNEE and he’ll give you my price.

For more info on Hualien, check @kalingko_surfers on Instagram. The lineup vibe here is super friendly and tight knit (unless you’re a dick, obviously).

How I met Marcos Hootman

He caught me mid act trying to make my first vlog.

Was hanging at Tims and they were telling me about how their friend Marcos rips so I looked him up on instagram to follow him…next day at dawn I run straight into him on the beach checking the waves.

First thing he said ‘yo you followed me on instagram’, we are so millennial.

Marcos finds all the gems on Newps. Look him up @marcoshootman


Been surfing HB, Trestles, Newport, Wedge. Stayed with locals Jason WV in HB and Daniel/Tim down in Newport…sick to live on the beach and surf out front!

Lots of celebs around Newport apparently. And apparently this is Bob Hurley’s old house


JJF in person is just like how he is on video. Super laid back dude with good vibes. Made him sign my Makara of course.

Lots of pros in the area for the Hurley Trestles event. Totally unplanned but awesome coincidence for my week in SoCal.